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Is your Business Analyst Community enhancing customer engagement and driving Business?


Do you feel that?


What is the remedy?

  • After working with a number of companies, we have found that the core Business Analyst skills is not practiced in depth even by experienced BA community. First step is to re-inforce core BA skills.
  • The next step is to develop skills for better customer interaction to enable proactive customer understanding and engagement.
  • The final step is inculcate Consulting Mindset and Leadership for them to work alongside the customer, solving their problems and to be considered as thought partners.


How can we Help?

We have a clearly defined program for transforming Business Analysts to Business Consultants. The Program focuses on:

  • Sustenance: Re-emphasize the key aspects of business analysis
  • Improvement: Bring about key improvements in the current work to do it better
  • Transformation: Transform the organization to yield far greater results

It is typically a 9-10 day program spread over 2 months. During this period a number of relevant and focused topics are covered.

The key differentiator this program is that it focuses on real practical learning and not just coverage of topics. Each of the topic involves applied learning and are delivered in a highly interactive manner with focused assignments and follow-ups. The topics will leverage the following optimally to get the maximum benefit:

  1. Class-room sessions
  2. Assignments
  3. Case studies
  4. Group discussions
  5. Role-plays
  6. Live work packets
  7. Quizzes and tests
  8. Feedback

The program focuses on objective measurement of results in a quantitative manner.


 Case Study

Our client, a leading software testing organization with clients across the globe, was looking to transform their business analysis organization for better client connect and higher revenue realization.

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