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Mindset Change

Technology drives change but having the right mindset delivers success in the Digital world. Leaders and Workforce not only need to embrace technology but also change their way they think, approach and adopt in the Digital World.


8 out of 10 Digital initiatives failed to achieve the intended objectives or did not take off. Reason: The right questions were not addressed or answered.


The right Digital Questions


Digital Maturity

Awareness of your organization’s Digital maturity is critical to the organization’s Digital journey. Assessment of the maturity must take into account the current Digital technology leverage, the staff’s and client’s digital mindset, awareness and capabilities. Awareness of leadership’s commitment, organizational structure and culture is critical in assessing the Digital mindset.


Digital Value

Identifying and unlocking the potential hidden value from Digitization is an intricate, delicate and sensitive exercise that requires experienced eyes looking from various perspective while not loosing focus of the organization imperatives. It involves working through your work flow, processes, organizational design, customer behaviour, staff sensitivities, regulatory compliance, power of technology, business and technology trends. The cost and risks of unlocking digital value enables better strategy and prioritization of initiatives on the roadmap.


Digital Strategy & Roadmap

A clear Digital strategy is essential to enable Digitization in your organization. It is important to understand how Digitization will affect your business model. It is equally important to understand how Digitization will position you in the industry among your competitors. Understanding the areas of your business that are vulnerable to Digital disruption is key to developing a digital strategy. It is important to explore and understand where Digitization can unlock hidden values and innovation in your organization and your client ecosystem. Digitization strategy enables prioritization of the areas of focus for Digitization and roadmap.


Digital Capabilities & Technologies

Effective Digital Strategy requires through evaluation of the possible Digital technologies to be leveraged, building in house capabilities, hiring expertise and forging new partnership with vendors. The trending technologies like Analytics, Machine Learning(ML), Artificial Intelligence(AI), Robotic Process Automation(RPA), Blockchain, Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR), Cloud and Internet of Things(IoT) should be considered. The Digitization can benefit from Digital Learning & Digital Collaboration. Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics can benefit Marketing, Sales, Customer behaviour assessment. Automating of work flow using RPA can benefit the organization many folds by saving on valuable human resources time and improving the quality of services.

Digital Architecture design & scaling or rationalization based on the roadmap to ensure technology co-existence with zero impact to business as usual is critical to the success of the Digital program.


Digital Mindset

The Digital vision, goals and objectives of the executives often find it hard to percolate down to the management. It is important for organizations to aware of the Digital Mindset of the mangers, staff and most importantly the customers through the Digital journey. The right intervention in the form of workshops, training, coaching and mentoring is critical to the success of Digital initiatives.


Digital Organizational Design

Organizational structure, methodologies that worked in the past may not work for the Digital initiatives. For example Agile at the project level and scaled agile at the organizational level may be the right setup for your organization. If you are leveraging RPA, the methodology is different from that of an IoT initiatives. An assessment of the right methodology to gain quick value for money and return on investment is critical. Building a practice around the technology and focused change management can mitigate or avoid many risks and hurdles in the Digital journey.


How can we help you?

Our Digital Service Offerings

We help organization to establish and scale their digital enterprise to unlock maximum value leveraging the right technologies. We collaborate with the organization & vendors through their Digital journey to leverage domain and technology experts to materialize their digital vision.

Our consulting service offerings include:

  • Comprehensive Digital Assessment
  • Digital Mindset Workshop for Leaders & Management
  • Digital Strategy & Roadmap Design
  • Digital Organizational Design & Change Management
  • Digital Architecture Design & Roadmap/Business Alignment
  • Digital Initiative Advisory & Governance
  • Digital Awareness Enhancement Program
  • Digital Program Management Consulting (RPA, ML/Analytics, IoT, Blockchain)


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Our client, a leading software IT Services organization with clients across the globe, was looking to transform their middle management along key leadership competencies.

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