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How effective are your leaders?

Problem: This year, one of the top-3 priorities for most organizations is “Leadership Transformation”.

Most organizations struggle with leadership identification & development. They promote their top performers into leadership roles. Only a few succeed.

Reason: The truth is, people (and organizations) don’t check their individuality before leaping into larger leadership roles, nor do they all fit a single leadership template profile.

Even where organizations spend on leadership development, most Leadership development initiatives are one-size-fits-all and lack focus on individuality, specific focus areas and role-specificity. They fail to systematically align with organization’s specific focus areas.


The solution

Solution: We need to:

  • Move away from template-based leadership development
  • Identify and work on specific business and role-based leadership competencies
  • Work on understanding identified specific competencies

Then work with them in developing the identified leadership competencies by focusing on their unique personalities for specific roles and circumstances.

By coaching, mentoring, observations, hands-on businessproblem experience, and training sessions.


LEAP Learning Maturity Model

LEAP leverages a progressive maturity model for Leadership development that enables the client organization to derive ROI from its leadership development initiatives. It enables the clients to successfully implement a comprehensive leadership development intervention program that will bring about long lasting positive leadership behavioural changes in the organization.


How can we Help?

We have a unique methodology and framework for Leadership Transformation (LEAP) that is measurable and produces sustained results. Our intervention:

  • Identifies key Leadership Competency gaps
  • Develops identified business and leadership competencies
  • Implements measurement mechanisms along specific competencies
  • Creates mechanisms and opportunities for putting the knowledge into practice
  • Effects long-term leadership behavioural change


LEAP Approach explained

Assessing & Configuration
  • Assess the Organizational Goals & Requirements
  • Identify the Required Competencies & Interventions
  • Configure LEAP based on Assessment
  • Pre Program Assessment of the Participants
  • Identify & Setup Measurement Parameters & Mechanisms
Training for Knowledge Acquisition
  • Conduct Class Room Sessions/Workshops
  • Conduct Online Training Where Required
  • Measurement of Knowledge Acquisition
  • (Class room Outputs, Q/A, Quizzes)
Knowledge Retention
  • Home Assignments for each phase to test knowledge
  • Retention through application of concepts
  • Measurement of short term Knowledge Retention
Practicing for Stickiness
  • 30-60-90 Day Plan with Individual Participants
  • Conduct 90 days Meetings with Participants
  • Measure Knowledge Retention & Application at Work
  • Program Refresher
Coaching for Behavioural Change
  • Plan for Coaching with Managers & Participants
  • Bi-weekly/Monthly Coaching & Mentoring
  • Measurement of Knowledge Retention, Application & Behavioural Change
  • Measure ROI from LEAP
  • Note: Managers are actively involved
 Case Study

Our client is a leading software IT Services organization with clients across the globe. The company was looking to transform their middle management along five identified leadership competencies.

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