Case Study - Design Thinking

Improving synergies between Sales & Delivery teams

Case Study - BA2BC

The client is a Tier II IT services company looking at scaling up and growth. The sales teams have been mobilised & energised to open new doors and increase revenue.

Client Challenges

In an effort to bag more deals and get new work, sales teams had been promising things to the client that have an impact on the delivery teams. On numerous occasions, the delivery teams would come to know about this well into the project and struggle to deliver against the expectations set by the sales teams.

Our Approach

Working with the delivery teams, we ran a number of workshops as below:

  • Understand Current State: We got the delivery teams to put themselves into the shoes of the sales teams and gain some deeper insights as to what drives their behavior. Once we were able to identify the challenges faced by the sales teams and the demands from clients, the delivery teams were able to appreciate why the sales team did what they did. This was a big ‘aha’ moment.
  • Ideation for Improving Synergies: We then started brainstorming ideas to ensure how we could improve synergies between the two teams. A number of very interesting ideas came up. We even prioritized some ideas and even assigned ownership.
  • Prototyping / Shaping the Ideas into Action: We guided the teams in regards to testing out ideas, and being open to some not working and working on minimal viable actions rather than a big bang approach.
  • Learning / What worked: We engaged with the initiative owners after 90 days to get an update on the progress of their initiatives and work with them to reshape the ideas as required based on the feedback received.

Impact & Outcomes

  • There was a new found appreciation of the challenges & impacts on each team that resulted in more empathy towards the other team.
  • The working relationship between both teams had also improved.