Case Study - Immersive Assessments

Improving synergies between Sales & Delivery teams

Case Study - BA2BC

The client is a leading global pharmaceutical company with presence across the globe. The client was looking for a comprehensive Assessment methodology for their leaders as an input to their Organizational Developmental initiatives.

Client Challenge

The challenges faced by the company were:

  • The leaders had to be assessed across as many 10 competencies.
  • The development effort had the highly targeted to the gaps rather than one-size-fits-all.
  • There was no precedence of such a holistic Assessment in the organization.

Effilor's Solution

We customized our Immersive Assessment methodology to suit the client’s needs. The key features of the Assessment were:

  • Holistic approach to assess all aspects of the competencies – awareness, application and articulation.
  • Objective and transparent measurement: The methodology provided means to objectively and transparently measure the competencies.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: The reporting for each individual was very comprehensive and in-depth.
  • Participant involvement: The Assessments were conducted in such a way that the participants did not feel any inhibitions win opening up and were truly involved through the process.

Client Impact

  • Clearly defined Assessments and Competence gaps that the participants as well as their managers agreed.
  • Provided a clear platform for Development initiatives.
  • Provided a uniform framework for future Assessments.