Case Study - Organizing for Future

Scaling Operations to achieve fast paced Business Growth

Case Study - Organizing the Future

The client was a Digital Marketing company looking at aggressive growth. They had a growing list of clients but their delivery engine wasn’t able to keep up with their fast paced growth.

Client Challenge

To organize their Delivery Organization for Future Growth through:

  • Increasing throughput and reducing 'time to market'
  • Re-vamping their operating model to be more agile and scalable
  • Streamlining and Standardizing their processes and practices

Effilor's Solution

We took the Industrial Strength IT concept and re-vamped their operations through:

  • Focused on building governance mechanisms including stage gates, dashboards, revised role descriptions amongst others to provide 'visibility', 'control','predictability' & 'scalability'
  • Streamlined and Standardized their processes and helped them move from being people-centric to process-centric
  • Put in place quantitative measures to enable collection, tracking & reporting of progress & quality of the product as it passed thru the delivery chain

"The Effilor Consulting team have been working with us in re-designing our organizational model to help us position ourselves for the next phase of growth.

They evaluated role based technical & leadership competencies and traits across all our business units, re-defined R&R's and designed role based KPIs that aligned our organization scorecard measures with our business direction.

They really know their content, understand our organization really well, and do whatever it takes to make us successful. I couldn't recommend them more highly.""
- Vinod Nambiar, Managing Director, Position2 Inc.

Client Impact

  • Increased throughput of their EVA's from 5-6 a month to 25-30 a month
  • Quicker turn around time leading to increased client satisfaction
  • Increased ability to service more clients