Change Management

Change Management is all about bringing in a sustained cultural shift in the way the organization operates by systematically changing the way people think, act and perform.


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Change Management - Framework


Some Facts

  • Employers felt 55% of change management initiatives met initial objectives, but only 25% felt gains were sustained over time.
  • 87% of respondents trained their managers to “manage change,” but only (a dismal) 22% felt the training was actually effective.
  • 68% of senior managers said they’re “getting the message” about reasons for major organizational changes, but that figure falls to 53% for middle managers and 40% for front-line supervisors.


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Our Approach

The purpose of the culture transformation enabler is to enhance organizational performance, drive growth and speed transformation value realization by:

  • Creating a shared vision of the culture that supports the organizations’ strategic objectives.
  • Assessing alignment of the existing culture and its shapers with the future vision.
  • Designing and deploying interventions that align both the hard-wired (measurements, structures, processes, etc.) and soft-wired (mindsets, business practices, behaviours) components.
  • Managing the transition to a new way of working, thinking and behaving.
Critical success factors
  • Clear, easily articulated future vision and shared understanding of business strategy and expected performance outcomes.
  • Engaged and committed executive leadership and culture change champions at all levels in the organization.
  • Clear understanding of the importance of translating future vision into behaviors that are enacted (e.g.; beyond poster on the wall).
  • Balanced and engaged participation (e.g. across impacted geos, functions) in defining future and current culture attributes.


 Case Study

Our client was looking to enhance their overall Business Performance and Productivity. They wanted to operate like a start-up but with the experience of an well established organization.

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