Immersive Assessments

We help clients with Immersive Assessments across identified key competencies that are comprehensive and holistic. Our Assessments provide objective and transparent reports that enable Org development initiatives clearly.

Are your Development programs aligned to the real competence gaps?


Do you feel that?


What is the solution?

Immersive Assessment:
The assessments of managers and leaders need to be multi-dimensional, multi-modal and holistic in nature. It should have an in-built mechanism to ensure objectivity in Assessments with appropriate checks and balances.

The assessments need to be along specific competencies.

And the Assessment should:

  • Assess their ability to do their job today
  • Assess their readiness for next levels

How can we Help?

We have a clearly defined methodology for Immersive Assessments:

First step for the Immersive Assessment is to identify and agree on the Competencies to be Assessed. Once these competencies are identified, we Assess the leaders in the following holistic ways to provide a full-picture:

  1. Assessment for Awareness:
    Assessments are done to understand the level of awareness of concepts, tools, techniques and application possibilities.
  2. Assessment for Application:
    Assessment for Application are tested using a set of clearly defied case studies, scenarios and situations that help assess the ability of the leaders in applying the tools and techniques.
  3. Assessment for Articulation:
    Assessment for Articulation will not only test the presentation and articulation aspect but also the thoroughness of knowledge and application. This will be done through presentations and 1-1 communications.
  4. Reporting:
    Effilor provides a very comprehensive report across competencies for each individual that can be directly used for driving developmental initiatives.


 Case Study

The client is a leading global pharmaceutical company with presence across the globe. The client was looking for a comprehensive Assessment methodology for their leaders as an input to their Organizational Developmental initiatives.

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