A sound Business Unit Strategy is critical for SBUs to compete successfully in their chosen markets.



  • Only 5% of Organizations implement their Strategy successfully.
  • 70% of Strategic Initiatives fail to meet their objectives.
  • Most organizations have Strategy as a static document oblivious to market changes.


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How can we Help?

We have a proven methodology to derive a Strategic Journey with you. The methodology helps to look at the market place, competition and ecosystem with a new level of insights. We will blend our experience and your knowledge to develop Business Unit Strategy.

We will work with you to diagnose your external and internal environments and overlay your strategic goals and strategic capability to derive strategic options. Evaluate these Strategic options to arrive at optimum set of possible actions.

This doesn’t end here. We will work with you to implement the action plan with targeted governance metrics.

Our typical engagement approach include:

  • Understanding your Vision, Mission and Strategic capabilities
  • Analysing the environments and competitive landscape of the market place
  • Design possible Strategic Options
  • Roll-out the full plan in phases
  • Hand-hold in Sustenance and Improvement


 Case Study

The client is the largest Insurance company in Oman. Having established themselves in the Oman markets, they wanted aggressive growth via new businesses and new geographies. Towards this goal, the management team had articulated a Business Strategy.

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