Workforce Performance

Would you like to see Workforce Performance directly correlated to your P&L?



Typical Challenges


What is the solution?

  • After working with a number of companies, we have found that its important to build a role and talent inventory that’s core to the business.
  • Once the inventory is available, map Roles to Talent capability and implement a measurement framework that extracts “value”, especially for key roles.
  • The final step is to align Workforce performance to P&L metrics and drive behaviour to get better ROI from L&D initiatives and Talent Supply Chain.


How can we Help?

We have a clearly defined framework for transforming Workforce Performance to encompass aspects other than talent supply chain and performance evaluation processes and systems.

Competency Blueprint:

  • Identify BU level Competency strategy from Org.nxt Vision and Strategy
  • Determine desired outcomes
  • Build Role and Talent Inventory
  • Communication Plan
  • Rollout Plan

Role and Talent Optimization:

  • Role to Talent Mapping
  • Identify “key roles” and their “value”
  • Develop Talent Assessment Framework
  • Define metrics to track implementation

Performance Alignment

  • Reimagine process and metrics
  • Streamline Talent Supply Chain
  • Establish P&L Traceability
  • Improve L&D ROI


 Case Study

Our Client is a leading Tier-II IT Services company who is on a growth spree. They rolled out an enterprise transformation roadmap and as part of that, their workforce is to shift from a designation based structure to a role based organization.

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